Maestro 4802

Maestro 4802 - Discontinued reference -- Reissue is not garanteed (infos ?)
Saab J-35S DK-215 "Last Draken" Finnish AF 1972-2000
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Decals sheets designed by Anders Nowotny and Syhart Decal for Maestro Models.

This Saab Draken received this scheme for the retirement on lasts Draken in Finnish Air Force after 28 years of servicing. It is painted with the Squadron badge on the top side (Silver Bull on yellow background) and the bottom is overall gloss black with two silver draken badges under the wings.

screen-printed decals (classic decals - pre cutted / no-ALPS) declined on two scales.(Stencils inclued)

1/72 : 9,00 EUR (Sold out)
1/48 : 12,00 EUR (Sold out)

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