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Syhart A007

Accessories references :

- Syhart A001 Syhart Accesssories 001
- Smokewinder (1x pair - resin) - "Smoke pods for demonstrators"

- Syhart A002 Syhart Accessories 002
- 2000L fuel tanks for Mirage 2000 (1x pair - resin) - (RPL541/542) for all french Mirage 2000s and few export ver

- Syhart A003 Syhart Accessoires 003
- PU 708 main pylon + AT 730 (Triple pylon for Rafale) (1x pair - resin)

- Syhart A004 Syhart Accessoires 004
- AASM 250 (body Mk.82) (1x pair - resin)

- Syhart A005 Syhart Accessoires 005
- AASM 250 (body CBEMS) (1x pair - resin)

- Syhart A006 Syhart Accessoires 006
- GBU-12 (body Mk.82) (1x pair - resin)

- Syhart A007 Syhart Accessoires 007
- GBU-12 (body CBEMS) (1x pair - resin)

- Syhart A008 Syhart Accessoires 008
- GBU-22 (1x pair - resin)

- Syhart A009 Syhart Accessoires 009
- LGTR for Rafale + pylons PU 708 & AT-730 (1x pair - resin)

- Syhart A010 Syhart Accessories 010
- Pod "Damoclès" + pylon ADP 192 for Rafale (resin parts)

- Syhart A011 Syhart Accessories 011
- Pod "Talios" + pylon ADP 192 for Rafale (resin parts)

- Syhart A012 Syhart Accessories 012
- Pod Reco-NG "AREOS" for Rafale (resin parts)

- Syhart A013 Syhart Accessories 013
- Ladder for Rafale M (resin parts)

- Syhart A014 Syhart Accessories 014
- 2x Ladders for Rafale B/C (and variants) (resin parts)

- Syhart A015 Syhart Accessories 015
- AM39 "Exocet" & pylon for Rafale (resin parts)

- Syhart A016 Syhart Accessories 016
- pylons PU 708 for Rafale (2x résine)

- Syhart A017 Syhart Accessoires 017
- 2x missiles MICA (versions EM or IR)

- Syhart A018 Syhart Accessoires 018
- 2x underwing MICA pylons "LM 3266" (for Rafale)

- Syhart A019 Syhart Accessoires 019
- GBU-16 (body Mk.83) (1x pair - resin)

- Syhart A020 Syhart Accessoires 020
- GBU-24A/B (body BLU-109) (1x pair - resin)

- Syhart A021 Syhart Accessoires 021
- GBU-24A/B (body Mk.84) (1x pair - resin)

Syhart Accessoires 007
- GBU-12 (body CBEMS) (1x pair - resin)

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This kit consists of two 3D printed resin parts in very high resolution and an A6 instruction page for a pair of « GBU-12 ».

- GBU-12s are laser guided bombs 500lb class (250kg).
Used on :
  • body Mk.82 : Mirage 2000C/D/N, Rafale B/C, and others…
  • body CBEMS : Super-Etendard, Rafale M, Atlantique 2 (ATL2)

  • Able to strike static or moving targets with low hardness in good weather conditions. The bomb is guided to the designated target by a laser, "illuminated" by the plane dropping the bomb, or another plane, or even by troops on the ground.

    The Rafale may be equiped by following laser designator pods :
  • "Damoclès" Pod
  • - (Available : Syhart A010)
  • "Talios" (PDL NG) Pod
  • - (Available : Syhart A011)
  • "Sniper" AN/AAQ-33 Pod (export uniquement)
  • - (available soon)

    The Rafale (all versions) carry up to six GBU-12, installed under the AT730 triple pylons (available : Syhart A003)

    Note : "Body Mk.82" or "body CBEMS" what is it ?
    The AASM 250, GBU-12 et GBU-49 exist in this two variants :
    - The guided bombs are based on standard unguided bombs (the same as those used during the vietnam war) which a "guidance kit" has been added ; with tail, and guiding head (laser, optique, inertielle, GPS...) to make them extremely precise.

  • So what are the differences between "corps Mk.82" et "corps CBEMS" ?
    The same guidance kit can be mounted on differents types of bombes, in most of case, the american standards bombs are used (Mk.82, 83 or 84, BLU-...), but these bombs do not meet the safety standards aboard aircraft carriers such as the Charles-de-Gaulle (R91).

  • The CBEMS bombs (Secure Multiple Effects Bomb Body), were developed for this purpose, so they are mainly used by the Navy. They have a slightly shorter body than a Mk.82 with a cylindrical section, so the guide heads are a bit longer in order to keep the same aerodynamic characteristics.

  • Air force = body Mk.82
    Navy = body CBEMS

    (exceptions are always possible)

  • They have no printing irregularities, the fins are thin but strong. The parts are protected in a «cage» allowing transport and storage without breakage, including fins.

    Please note the decreasing price according to quantities and options with other sets :
    1/72 - 2x GBU-12 (body CBEMS)
    Website is currently closed, reopen on
    31st August 2024
    In stock
    3,00 EUR

    1/72 - 2x GBU-12 (body CBEMS)
    (+Decals included) decals delivered from march 2024
    Website is currently closed, reopen on
    31st August 2024
    In stock
    4,00 EUR

    1/72 - 2x PU 708 + 2x AT730 + 6x GBU-12 (body CBEMS)
    (+Decals included) decals delivered from march 2024
    Website is currently closed, reopen on
    31st August 2024
    In stock
    16,00 EUR  =>  10,00 EUR

      Website is currently closed, reopen on 31st August 2024  

    3D development "GBU-12 (body CBEMS)" by Philippe Goulard

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