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1 - How is born Syhart Decal ?
4 - The Syhart decals  
2 - Orders & payment methods
5 - Sold out references & re-prints  
3 - Postage & shipment
6 - Contact me  

Sylvain Hautier - Co-designer (with Bruno Ghils) of
F-16AM Solo Display 2012-2014 Belgian Air Force.

1 - How is born Syhart Decal ?


I'm Sylvain Hautier, fascinated by aviation since I was young, I followed my father through the airshows and models shows, it is also with his help that I started modeling from the age of 12.


In the early 2000s, when I was student (to be mechanic), I start to customize my models to complete the aircraft I seen in airshows. Attentive to the smallest details, I draw and print my first "laser" decals.


Faced with the problem to print white and metallic, I'll have to wait until August 2005 to buy my first ALPS printer. It was from that moment that I share my works with friends then on Ebay.


On May 2, 2006 - Founding of design and decals printing (by ALPS) company.
Called Syhart Decal ... I has only 20 years old.

SY (Sylvain) HA (Hautier) , ART (design), Decal (Decals.)

Since 2009, the ALPS printers are out of use, some references become sold out
All the decals sheets are now screen-printed.

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2 - Orders & payment methods

  You can pay your order by Paypal, credit card, check or bank transfer as detailed below:  
  • Paypal
            - If you have a Paypal account, simply select the items you want by clicking the "Add to Cart" taking care to choose the desired scale (Shipping charges are calculated automatically). (shipping rates table).
Once your full basket, checkout, you will be directed to the PayPal page to complete the payment.
          - You can also order by email stating your contact address Paypal, and request a "payment request"
  • Credit card
            - As noted above, Simply select the items you want by clicking on the button "Add to Cart" taking care to choose the desired scale. (Shipping charges are automatically calculated) (shipping rates table).
Once your full basket, checkout, you will be taken to the Paypal page. Then Select the link "I do not have a Paypal account, you can fill in the fields with your details and complete the payment. (By this method Syhart Decal receives no bank details!)
          - You can also order by phone.
  • Check (French account owners only)

(see french page)

  • Bank transfer (IBAN/BIC)
  Finally, you can pay by bank transfer (IBAN / BIC) by the following method:
          - Note specifically references, scales and quantities desired.
          - Send the details of your order by Email
          - I will answer you by joining the total amount and bank details.

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3 - Postage & shipment

  • Handling:

Orders are sent at the latest within seven days of receipt of payment (except when previously indicated on the banner of the site)

  • Packaging
  The greatest care is taken in the packaging of orders. Small and medium orders are sent in medium or large cardboard envelopes. If orders are bigger they are packed in parcels.  
  • Shipping fees

Orders are sent in All around the World, by La Poste on priority airmail (not tracked). delivery times are variable depending on the country:


          - Less than 7 days in France
          - 2-14 days in Europe
          - 7 days to 2 months for the rest of the world.

In the interests of equality and simplicity, the postage is the same for all destinations.
These costs are defined and simplified automatically depending on the total amount of your order using the grid defined below:

Total amount of order
World Package & shipment

to   10,00 EUR

2,00 EUR

from   10,01   to   20,00 EUR

2,50 EUR

from   20,01   to   29,99 EUR

3,00 EUR

more than   30,00 EUR


(Noted that these charges only cover the cost of packing, packaging, and only part of postage,
the complement of shipping being offered by the vendor.)
(see actual rates LA POSTE)
  • Shipping options :
  If you want special options for your shipment:
- Does not take the above table and pay for real fees (packaging + postage)
- Keep track of your shipment
- Sign on Delivery
- Use another service or another method of delivery ...
The entire cost of these options will be paid by the buyer, then I invite you to contact me before placing your order to clarify the situation.

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4 - The Syhart decals

On work !

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5 - Sold out references & re-prints

On work !

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6 - Contact me


For any questions, informations, suggestions or place orders do not hesite to contact me !!!


Contact me by Email :

(click on link / or re-write the adress)


(click on link / or re-write the adress)

Syhart Decal  
  Sylvain Hautier  
  1A rue de l'égalité  
  Village de Pâlis  
  Mobile : +33 (0)6 17 12 04 44 (French - English)  
  Siret : 490 371 853 (Firm registration number)  

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